Why are BioNike products WITHOUT perfume?

Perfume may trigger intolerance and allergic reactions.

Of all the cosmetic ingredients available, perfume is amongst those that most frequently cause skin reactions.

This is why we’ve chosen not to include perfume in most of our products in the DEFENCE, PROXERA and TRIDERM ranges, to meet the needs of sensitive skin to have safer products that do not trigger a reaction.

We use fragrances only in a few products, when there is a need to cover a particularly sharp odour of any of the ingredients included in the products or simply to make the product more pleasant upon application.
When we do include perfume, the fragrances we use are special, that is they are allergen-free fragrances.

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In any case, we recommend that you consult your pharmacist and/or dermatologist, who will be able to recommend what is best for your skin.

Did you know it?

All products of BioNike TRIDERM lines, DEFENCE and Proxera are formulated to reduce the risks of intolerance and are suitable for sensitive skin. In fact Nickel Tested, WITHOUT preservatives, WITHOUT perfume (or fragrance allergen-free), WITHOUT gluten and made ​​with strictly selected and controlled ingredients.

The above strategy is part of our allergen-free philosophy.