Cleansing and moisturising sensitive skin

Discomfort felt by sensitive skin can be reduced with a daily routine that respects its balance.

Sensitive skin reacts to external stimuli in a more extreme manner, generally due to alterations of the skin barrier function, which makes it more exposed to potential irritants.
Hypersensitive skin has very fragile defences, thus it is more exposed to harsh external agents.

Skin sensitivity mostly affects the face and shows with burning, itch or tingling, irritation, the feeling that your "skin is tight ", sometimes accompanied by dryness and redness.

The discomfort sensitive skin can cause can be greatly reduced with a daily skin care routine that respects skin fragility and rebalances it.

In particular, it needs to be cleansed, moisturised and protected with products specifically developed for sensitive skin, thus formulated with carefully selected ingredients to ensure high skin tolerability.
Products that are specific for sensitive skin generally do not include those ingredients that are more likely to trigger skin reactions or allergies.

Below are a few tips for the daily care of sensitive skin. 

How to cleanse sensitive skin?

Though we may not be fully aware of it, cleansing is essential because, along with makeup, it also removes pollution impurities, which may otherwise trigger a skin reaction .
However, cleansing is a gesture that can strongly disrupt the balance of the skin, especially if sensitive.

It is therefore important to avoid overly frequent washing with hot water and harsh cleansers, because both alter the pH of skin and affect the hydrolipid layer on the skin surface.

As for combination or oily skin, choose a rebalancing cleansing gel to combine cleansing with the purifying effects of specific sebum-regulating ingredients.

Even more appropriate is to use creamy lotion formulations that do not require using water, which is recommended especially if you have dry skin.

As for hypersensitive skin, it is advisable to use a particularly gentle product, such as a cleansing water which, being a rinse-free product, has the added value of avoiding the irritating effects of scaly water, common in many areas worldwide.

Should redness occur, it may also be helpful to use a soothing product to give instant relief 

How to moisturise sensitive skin?

Hydration is the best "cure" for skin because it rebalances the water content in the different layers of the epidermis, especially in the outermost layer (stratum corneum), thus enhancing the barrier function and strengthening the defence it provides.

With sensitive skin it is also important to choose products that are:

  • lipid-replenishing, both to replenish the hydrolipid film and restore the barrier function of the stratum corneum
  • antioxidant, to protect against oxidative stress
  • soothing, to relieve any feeling of discomfort and redness in skin

You can choose a moisturising and protective cream for application in the morning to protect against harsh external agents, and that i salso suitable as a base for makeup. As for the night, a replenishing cream with a rich texture is more suitable. It will enhance the natural ability of skin to retain water and strengthen the skin barrier.


Makeup can be a problem for sensitive and hypersensitive skin, especially due to a number of components that makeup may include and also because of the low quality of the products.
Hence, it is of great importance to pick makeup that is formulated with selected ingredients that are also controlled accurately and specifically to check heavy metal content, such as nickel, chromium, cobalt, which may lead to contact allergies.

If you wish to learn more on this subject, read our article: What makeup for sensitive skin

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All BioNike products of the TRIDERM, DEFENCE and PROXERA ranges are developed to reduce the risks of intolerance and are suitable for sensitive skin. Such products are, in fact nickel-tested, preservatives-free, perfume-free (or having an allergen-free perfume), gluten-free and manufactured ​​with carefully selected and controlled ingredients.

In any case, we recommend that you consult your pharmacist and/or dermatologist, who will be able to recommend what is best for your skin.

Did you know it?

BioNike has patented the Beta-Glucan/L-Carnosine complex, an association of ingredients that is very effective in rebalancing and potentiating skin defences and in protecting skin from dehydration and redness. In particular, this complex has been included in the products of the DEFENCE Tolerance range.