BioNike azienda


BioNike is a brand of ICIM International, a leading Italian cosmetic company that was founded in Milano in the 1930s as a pharmaceutical company.

BioNike is a word that originates from two Greek words:

                   Bios = life e Nike = victory


We have always strongly invested in research and development, and this has become our competitive edge.

We value the people that work with us, their ideas, their research work, the ability to innovate in making our products and to constantly improve them.

In this fast-paced world, especially in metropolitan areas, skin is continuously exposed to pollutants, UV radiation and other environmental agents that can make it sensitive and over-reactive.

We have always tackled these issues with strong research and development, based in-house, in our own dedicated laboratories. Our R&D keeps up-to-date with the latest cosmetology research and liaises with our product development team (Marketing), with key opinion leaders (dermatologists, pediatricians, hair experts, gynaecologists, aesthetic doctors), with pharmacists and with the end users.


Ensure effectiveness, safety, well-being and a fair quality/price ratio to end users, also with sensitive skin.

We strive to excel in the research work we carry out and in the level of service we offer to end users, thus we care for:


Having pioneered the concept of dermatological cosmetics back in 1986, we specialise today in the development and manufacturing of dermocosmetic treatments for sensitive, allergic and reactive skin, ideal both to treat a number of skin conditions and to prevent them.

Our secret? Simple, we believe in our special “Free from philosophy”.


We strive to enhance well-being and beauty
Firstly, of skin, then also of our society, the world we live and work in.

We are constantly involved in projects that aim at improving people’s lives.

In particular:

  • in the environmental protection
  • in the world of art
  • in the safeguard of women’s health and in the prevention of abuse and violence on women
  • in education projects for children and adolescents