Applies liquid, creamy and compact foundations evenly and giving a natural finish.

Specific for applying liquid, creamy and compact foundations. The special round shape with an angle allows to apply product also in difficult-to-reach areas like facial contours, nose and eye corners.

All BioNike brushes are tested to be hypoallergenic.
Made in precious synthetic fibers.
Handmade. Made in Italy.

  • Recommended for

    Use to evenly apply all foundation types on skin, and to achieve a natural look.

  • How to use

    Prelevare una piccola quantità di prodotto con le setole e stendere su tutto il viso, con movimenti ampi e circolari dal centro del viso verso l’esterno, sfumando su mandibole e collo.
    Use the brush to pick a small amount of product and apply it all over the face in a broad circular motion from the centre of the face and outwards. Blend in carefully along the jawline and towards the neck.


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