How should I store your products, given that they don’t have preservatives?

Preservatives are ingredients added to cosmetics (as well as many other products) to protect them from contamination by microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, moulds). These microorganisms may in fact deteriorate the product, altering its organoleptic properties (colour, odour, texture) and, although not frequently, compromise the safe use of the products by end users.

Some categories of cosmetic products are more "at risk of contamination", these being those that contain a very high percentage of water, which is a key element required for microorganism growth.

A cosmetic doesn't necessarily need to be sterile, but it is important that it has certain microbiological requirements, meaning that it needs to be  protected through its shelf life and, especially, while being used by the end user.

Generally, preservatives are used and these are chosen amongst those authorised by the European Union legislation and only used at the pre-established concentrations (ref. Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009, Annex V).

The point is that some of these preservatives may trigger allergic contact reactions.

With the aim to ensure maximum tolerability of products by skin and, at the same time, effectively protect products from contamination, the BioNike laboratories have developed the DEFENCE, PROXERA and TRIDERM ranges without using traditional preservatives. Instead, BioNike has an alternative preservation system that makes use of a special synergy between excipients and natural bacteriostatic substances to “block” the water inside products, thereby not leaving that water available for microorganisms to proliferate in, hence the products are well protected and preserved effectively like any other product on the market.

Tips for preserving your stored cosmetics properly

Effective preservation of cosmetics is especially achieved by following some simple tips on how products should be used:

  • always close the cosmetic container after product use
  • store products away from direct light and heat sources
  • do not store in very humid environments
  • keep the PAO in mind, that is the symbol of an open pot found on the package

The PAO - Period After Opening – indicates how many months after opening are considered safe for the product to retain its functionality and safety characteristics. The PAO should be considered as an absolute indication because any cosmetic, if properly used and well stored, can stay functional and safe for a time longer than what the PAO indicates. Therefore, while there’s no use in jotting down on the calendar the date the PAO expires, it might be worth checking those products that have been opened and left on the shelf unused for a very long time!!    

Are you afraid your skin might be sensitive?

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In any case, we recommend that you consult your pharmacist and/or dermatologist, who will be able to recommend what is best for your skin.

Did you know it?

All BioNike products of the and TRIDERM, DEFENCE e PROXERA ranges are developed to reduce the risks of intolerance and are suitable for sensitive skin. Such products are, in fact, nickel-tested, preservatives-free, perfume-free (or include an allergen-free perfume), gluten-free and manufactured ​​with carefully selected and controlled ingredients.

This is part of our allergen-free philosophy.