I’ve read that your products are nickel tested. Does it mean they are free of nickel?

Nickel Tested means it contains an amount of nickel 10 times lower than the amount that triggers allergic reactions.

Nickel is a metal found only in trace amounts in the human body, yet widespread in nature, in mant types of foods and in many everyday, commonly-used objects.

Nickel is not an ingredient in cosmetics, but actually a substance that contaminates cosmetics, thus an impurity, derived from raw materials, such as pigments, and more rarely as a residue of the product manufacturing processes.

Nickel is the primary sensitiser for allergic contact dermatitis reactions, to an extent that nickel and nickel compounds have been banned in cosmetics since long (EC Regulation no. 1223/2009).

Since this impurity can not be eliminated totally, the current legislation allows the presence of technically unavoidable traces.

The current technology available does not allow to make cosmetic products completely free of nickel, nevertheless special care can be taken to carefully select ingredients, then check the product throughout the manufacturing process so ensure nickel traces are the lowest possible, which means making products that are nickel tested.

The nickel-tested claim in BioNike products

All BioNike products in the DEFENCE ranges, PROXERA ranges and TRIDERM ranges are tested for nickel.

This means that each production lot for each product is tested to assess the quantity of nickel. The test is passed, thus the batch is cleared for the market, only if the test results shows that the trace amount of nickel is lower than 0.00001%, that is 10 times lower than the safety threshold identified in the literature for nickel not to trigger an allergic reaction in sensitised individuals.

The above strategy is part of our allergen-free philosophy.

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Did you know it?

TRIDERM Marseille Soap was created in 1993 by the BioNike laboratories and, still today, is a popular wash that can boast a very high skin tolerability, which makes it a very gentle cleanser that suits the whole family. With a delicate fragrance free from allergens, it is NICKEL-TESTED, FREE OF PRESERVATIVES and GLUTEN and also free of colourants and harsh surfactants (SLS, SLES).

Proxera body emulsion features a special “liquid-crystal structure” that makes it the ideal treatment to quickly moisturise dry and very dry skin (xerotic skin) and hold the moisture in skin for long, while providing a pleasant sensation of refreshed skin.