How to take care of combination and oily skin

Combination and oily skin can be cleansed effectively without being harsh.

There is no set treatment for combination and oily skin and each person requires to work out the proper routine. However, there are a few rules one should keep in mind.

These skin types must not be excessively nourished to avoid increasing the sebum production further.

Over-cleansing is not recommended either because drier areas would be dehydrated further and because sebaceous glands could react by increasing sebum production.

Also the excessive use of scrubs and exfoliating products is not recommended because they can disrupt the hydrolipid mantle. Such products should be used regularly once/twice a week, especially by rubbing a little longer in oilier skin areas.

Look for a balance treatment

In general terms, the recommendation is to work on the main problem: if skin tends to be oily, pick sebum-normalising and purifying products.
Bear in mind that also combination and oily skin can be dehydrated, thus will benefit from products with moisturising properties, provided that they are not occlusive.
In both cases, choose products that do not include potentially comedogenic ingredients.

Cleansing skin

Cleansing is a fundamental gesture in the care of combination and oily skin since it removes excessive sebum and the impurities it carries.
A good advice is to pick cleansers that are gentle and have rebalancing properties, that is that are able to purify oilier areas while making dry areas any drier.
Rinse-off cleansers are preferred, so to exploit the refreshing effect of water.

Remove makeup by using a gentle makeup remover that works effectively without being harsh on the drier areas like the eye contour, the cheeks and the lip contour areas. We recommend a creamy lotion formulation.

Complete makeup removal by using a toner that has astringent and refreshing properties.

Moisturising skin

Moisturising combination and oily skin requires picking products which ensure both hydration and an effective sebum-normalising effect at the same time.

A number of ingredients can boast astringent properties, that is they reduce the excess of sebum and swollen pores, thereby mattifying skin.
A good choice is a mattifying moisturising cream with a fresh, lightweight texture and that  helps to keep shine in the T-zone under control, smooths the surface of skin and, at the same time, provides effective hydration to drier skin areas.  

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All BioNike products of the TRIDERM, DEFENCE and PROXERA ranges are developed to reduce the risks of intolerance and are suitable for sensitive skin. Such products are, in fact nickel-tested, preservatives-free, perfume-free (or having an allergen-free perfume), gluten-free and manufactured ​​with carefully selected and controlled ingredients.

In any case, we recommend that you consult your pharmacist and/or dermatologist, who will be able to recommend what is best for your skin.

Did you know it?

Our laboratories have created a range of products that suit the daily care of combination and oily skin.
Thanks to the inclusion of special active ingredients, such as the mastic, which provides sebum-balancing and purifying effects, and hyaluronic acid in 5 active forms, which reduces the loss of water through skin, our Moisturizing and Mattifying DEFENCE HYDRA5 MAT Cream is recommended for the daily care of combination and oily skin (also as a base for makeup). As for cleansing skin, learn more about our  DEFENCE Rebalancing Cleansing Gel which, thanks to the Norway spruce lignans included, is the ideal cleanser for combination and oily skin.