Our brand was created thanks to the the intuition of a forward-looking entrepreneur and pharmacist who, in the 1960s, realised that cosmetics could be useful not only to complement, but also to support treatments prescribed by dermatologists.

In those years, not many dermatologists were keen on being involved with cosmetics, yet contact allergies, especially triggered by heavy metals in cosmetic formulations, were spreading already in the population.

Once we had realised of this growing allergy risk and identified the opportunity of providing a solution, in the 1990s, we started co-operating with qualified chemical laboratories to develop a method capable of detecting even minute quantities of nickel.
This has allowed us to start making nickel-tested cosmetics that could suit even the most sensitive skin.

We proudly describe ourselves as a company that has pioneered the formulation and marketing iof treatments for sensitive, allergic and over-ractive skin.

The appreciation that consumers have shown us has driven us to become one of the top leading companies in the Italian pharmacy market.
This has led us offer our products to foreign markets, where BioNike keeps growing all the time – we have now set up distribution of our products in over 50 countries worldwide.

Our growth, achieved through innovation, scientific research and high product quality, drives us to perform better all the time, to set even more ambitious objectives and face new challenges.